Our five year commitment to you for laser eye surgery

Our laser vision commitment gives you peace of mind

At Moorfields Private we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of care to our patients. Our expert surgeons are some of the most experienced and highly trained in the country and our facilities host the most advanced refractive laser equipment for our laser eye surgery procedures.

Our five year commitment

If you have laser vision correction for short-sight (myopia) or astigmatism, we will offer you repeat laser eye treatment to correct a return of myopia within 5 years of your first treatment free of charge. At Moorfields Private the chances of this being required is very small, but this guarantee is there should you need it. We offer this commitment to provide you with peace of mind.

What is included?

Our 5-year commitment to you

  • only applies to laser vision correction for myopia (short-sight) and astigmatism to improve distance vision.
  • only applies if your first treatment was performed at Moorfields Private Eye Hospital.
  • does not apply to any form of hyperopia (long-sight), including hyperopic astigmatism or presbyopia (loss of reading vision).
  • does not apply to first treatments not involving laser (e.g. lens implants).
  • does not apply to non-laser treatments (e.g. lens implants) after first laser treatment.
  • does not apply to any other eye condition that develops after laser vision correction, including age-related loss of reading vision.

Retreatments following primary laser eye surgery at Moorfields Private for hyperopia (far-sight) are only offered where the expected vision result is not achieved first time (i.e. the first procedure did not result in the anticipated outcome).

All retreatments will be offered at the sole discretion of the treating consultant.

If further laser treatment is not clinically suitable you will not be offered laser treatment, nor will you be entitled to any form of refund or compensation. If you are suitable for non-laser treatments (e.g. lens implants), these will be charged at the normal price.

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