Fuchs' dystrophy

An inherited condition affecting the cornea.

What is Fuchs’ dystrophy?

Fuchs' dystrophy affects the cornea, which is the front part of the eye wall.

Fuchs’ dystrophy is an inherited problem with the pump layer of cells, which are responsible for pumping fluid back into the eye. The pump layer of cells line the inner aspect of the cornea and if they don’t function properly can cause the cornea to become waterlogged and cloudy.

Fuchs’ dystrophy is common and normally affects people in middle age or later life. The typical early symptom is ‘morning misting’ – patients find that their vision is misty on waking, but clears during the day.

Treatment for Fuchs’ dystrophy

Good vision can be restored in patients with Fuchs’ dystrophy and other causes of corneal endothelial failure by corneal transplantation.

Since 2000, selective corneal transplantation techniques have been developed, which allow surgeons to replace the damaged endothelial layer with healthy tissue through a small incision in an operation similar to modern cataract surgery.

Different versions of this operation called DSAEK or DMEK are available to suit different patients. These ‘keyhole’ corneal transplantation operations can be performed under local anaesthetic, can be repeated if necessary, and can quickly improve vision.

How much does treatment cost?

Initial consultation

From £300

This includes an initial consultation and a visual acuity assessment.

If further outpatient tests and investigations are required, they will be charged at an additional rate. Your consultant will discuss this with you at your consultation.


The cost of onward treatment will be provided after initial consultation,  based on your personalised treatment plan.

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