Corneal service

Our corneal service treats conditions relating to the outer layers of the eye - the cornea and sclera.

What is the cornea?

Your cornea is the clear transparent film that covers your eye. It provides a vital protective layer to prevent germs and other foreign objects entering the eye.

It is dome shaped but if your corneal is slightly too domed or less domed then this change in shape can affect how you focus light onto the retina. This is a key contributor to long- or short-sightedness.

Corneal conditions usually are a result of something inhibiting, compromising or damaging the cornea. The cornea can repair itself, with support from eye drops or other aids, but in more serious cases, corneal grafts can replace all or part of the cornea with tissue from a healthy donor.

I am very excited with everything what these people did for me! When I was written off from all the clinics in Europe, Moorfields bring me back to live... Whatever I say won't be enough to thank you!!!

Verified patient on Doctify treated for corneal graft, February 2023

Conditions and treatments

Acanthamoeba keratitis

A sight-threatening parasitic infection of the cornea

Corneal abrasion

A scratch on the cornea

Corneal graft

Replacing all or part of the cornea with healthy donor tissue

Dry eye

Chronic dry eye can indicate a corneal condition

Fuch's dystrophy

An inherited eye condition where fluid accumulates in the cornea


Where the cornea thins causing a cone-like bulge.

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