Cataract surgery cost

How much does cataract surgery cost?

The pricing below applies to cataract in adults. For cataract in children, please contact us for a quote.

Initial consultation


Fees for your initial consultation are charged at £225. This includes time with the consultant and the suite of standard tests.



Once you have agreed a personalised plan with your consultant, the full costs of onward treatment per eye will be £2,920 which includes a standard lens and one post operative appointment.

The package price includes anaesthetic eye drops and pain relief administered by the consultant. If medically required or if the patient chooses, an anaesthetist can be present to administer sedation. This incurs an additional cost of £350.

There may be circumstances where additional scans/tests are required that are outside the package price. This is rare and your consultant will discuss this with you if any additional tests are required.

Package pricing

What are package prices?

A package price bundles the common fees associated with a procedure into one price. This often represents a discount compared to paying for all the items individually.

What is included?

The cataract package price includes:

  • The commonly required tests such as visual acuity assessments and biometry
  • Hospital fees
  • Consultant fees
  • A standard lens
  • Anaesthetic drops and/or sub-tenon anaesthesia
  • Take home medication
  • One post-operative appointment

What is not included?

We charge for the initial consultation separately and also at a fixed rate. This is to allow patients the opportunity to discuss the treatment or procedure with their consultant before committing to the full package price.

Any additional scans, tests or upgrades that are not part of the routine package are not included in the package price. Our package prices are designed to cover what every patient needs who is going through that procedure. However, in some and more complex cases, a consultant may need to request additional diagnostic tests or scans to ensure the best outcome for you.

For example, most patients don’t require a B-SCAN before undergoing a cataract operation. However, in rare cases the consultant cannot adequately see the back of the eye in the initial consultation and the consultant will recommend an additional B-SCAN to ensure that the procedure can be carried out safely. This would be charged in addition to the package price.

The consultant will advise you if there are any additional costs before they are incurred.

Premium lenses

The package price includes a mono focal lens. A mono focal lens means that if you wear glasses or contact lenses then you will continue to need them after the surgery.

There are a range of premium lenses available that offer vision correction. These incur an additional cost and you can discuss your options with your consultant.

Anaesthetic options

Anaesthetic drops and sub-tenons are included in the package price. However if you choose sedation or require general anaesthetic, you will need a dedicated anaesthetist for the duration of your surgery. This would incur an additional cost.

Are there additional costs for cataract surgery aftercare?

Cataract surgery aftercare usually includes one post operative consultation and take-home medication. However, if you wish to see your consultant outside of the covered treatment plan, there maybe additional charges which will be advised by your consultant’s practice manager.

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