Ocular Oncology (Cancer)

This service diagnoses and treats adult ocular tumours.

Moorfields Eye Hospital is one of only four centres in the UK to a highly specialist ocular oncology service, treating tumours of the eye.

Many tumours, such as a cyst, haemorrhage or naevus (mole) are benign.

As well as benign vascular tumours, intraocular lymphoma and uveal tract metastases, we treat a rare type of eye cancer called uveal tract melanoma. This is a very rare cancer with approximately 600 new cases diagnosed each year in England. 

In addition, we treat patient with ocular surface tumours such as conjunctival lymphoma, conjunctival melanoma/primary acquired melanosis, squamous cell carcinoma and associated conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia.

How much does oncology (cancer) treatment cost?

Our ophthalmic oncology specialists require a referral letter or medical report prior to booking an initial consultation.

Please send these documents to our referrals team, who will liaise with the consultant to ensure you are seen by the most appropriate specialist.

Initial consultation

From £270

This includes an initial consultation and a visual acuity assessment.

If further outpatient tests and investigations are required, they will be charged at an additional rate. The most commonly required test is an OCT scan. Your consultant will discuss this with you at your consultation.


The cost of onward treatment will be provided after initial consultation, based on your personalised treatment plan.

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