Eye and facial wrinkles and lines

Our Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeons offer a variety of treatments for the treatment of wrinkles in the area around the eyes and the face in general. Among these are botulinum toxin, including Botox ®, facial fillers and facial peels.

Botulinum toxin (Botox ®)

Botulinum toxin, including Botox ®, can be used to treat the fine lines in face. It is particularly useful for the treatment of lines in the upper face, especially the crows feet, forehead and inter-brow areas.

It is not a permanent treatment but can have long term benefits. It can also be used for the medical treatment of eyelid and facial twitching and migraine.


Fillers can be used for the treatment of deeper lines. They may be useful in facial reconstruction and a number of fillers are available including Restylane ® and Juvederm ®. Your own fat can also be used (Coleman fat transferred).

Facial peels

Chemical peels, using a variety of products including glycolic acid, can be used to smooth out lines as well as to improve the overall quality of the skin and remove blemishes. These can range from mild to moderate and deep peels, depending on your needs,

Each of these treatments can be used on their own or in combination and our surgeons can advise on the best aesthetic combination for you.

How much does treatment cost?

Initial consultation

From £300

This includes an initial consultation and a visual acuity assessment.

If further outpatient tests and investigations are required, they will be charged at an additional rate. The most commonly required test is an OCT scan. Your consultant will discuss this with you at your consultation.


The cost of onward treatment will be provided after initial consultation, based on your personalised treatment plan.

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