Jill Moorfields Private patient - cataract surgery

Jill: “I’m cataract free with colour and clarity back in my life”

An operation to remove a cataract has been life-changing for Jill. She now has colour and clarity back in her life.

I’ve always been astigmatic, so I’ve needed to wear glasses since the age of eight.

Before my operation, my eyesight had deteriorated to such an extent that I used to find it very difficult to see. I would even use the light on my iPhone all the time, just in order to read.

When choosing where to have my cataract operation, I just knew it had to be Moorfields Private. Its reputation preceded it, so I knew I’d be in the care of top ophthalmologists, using the latest cutting-edge equipment. And while cataract operations are performed all the time, every operation has risks: I felt by going to Moorfields I’d have the best chance of a successful outcome.

I travel a lot and Moorfields was able to book an appointment between trips. While I’m not normally a nervous person, anything to do with your eyes is crucial, so I was nervous before my first operation. I needn’t have worried though, as my ophthalmologist consultant, anaesthetist and nurses were all excellent, putting me at ease, explaining how everything would work and allaying all my fears.

I'm cataract free with colour and clarity back in my life. I wish I'd done it sooner.

Jill - A more colourful connoisseur

The first time I woke up after my operation and looked at the picture in my bedroom, I realised I could see all the colours, which was a eureka moment for me. I could now see without needing glasses. Just being able to see clearly was magical; it was absolutely incredible. The clarity and vivid colours of everything is something I appreciate all the time. I still wake up and remember the first time I saw it clearly.

I would recommend Moorfields Private 100%. The operation didn’t just fix the cataract: it made my eyes better than ever. I’m cataract free, with colour and clarity back in my life.

I wish I’d done it sooner.

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