Emanuel Moorfields Private patient - cataract

Emanuel - I’ve got my independence back

Emanuel’s problems with his eyes meant he had lost his confidence. His successful cataract eye surgery helped to get his mojo back and enjoy the small everyday things again.

I feel like I’ve got my independence back. Before the surgery, I could hardly see anything and my wife was doing everything for me. I had to stop driving because my vision was so poor that I couldn’t even see the number plate of a vehicle. But now I can drive and see clearly, life is so much better.

My wife was the architect behind our decision to come to Moorfields. She has always regarded Moorfields as the best eye hospital in London, and perhaps in the world. She was really concerned with my eye health seeing how it was affecting both of us. I was losing my confidence and struggling to cope with things like handling money. Even talking to people was becoming difficult because I could not connect to them visually.

We decided that I should go to Moorfields Private and get the surgery done as soon as possible. Booking in was quick and easy. We met with our consultant – I call him the magician, I was so happy with him!

The day after the eye surgery, when they took the patch off, the first thing I saw was my wife. And, all I could say was “Is this my beautiful wife?” My wife laughed and said that meant I had been in a blur for many years! But I was really, really happy, and I still am.

My decision to fix my cataract was as smart as my new suit. I wish I'd done it sooner.

Emanuel - a dapper dresser

I can finally read my letters, see clearly around me and at a distance, as well as choose my own ties. It’s really important to me because I like to be well suited and booted. Being able to do the small everyday things myself again, like opening my front door with the right key, feels amazing. Thanks to Moorfields, I am getting my life back.

I received excellent aftercare and was seen by the consultant after the surgery. The whole experience was lovely and very well organised.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Moorfields Private to anybody needing an eye surgery.

I wish I’d done it sooner!

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