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  1. Patients that would recommend Moorfields to their Friends and Family

    ... “There was a long wait, but I understood why and the contact lens clinic clerk, was very pleasant, courteous and patient, ...

  2. Moorfields trials promising new drug to treat rare eye infection

    ... the vast majority of cases are associated with the use of contact lenses that have come into contact with water. Patients with AK usually experience ...

  3. Healthy Habits, Healthy Eyes

    Contact lens wearers, protect your eyes At Moorfields Eye Hospital ... to get the “protect your eyes” message out to young contact lens wearers across the UK. Healthy Habits, Healthy Eyes ...

  4. Courses

    ... course 17 - 18 November  2016 Higher certificate in contact lenses   September 2017 Cancellation fees Places on ... do not receive confirmation of cancellation, please try to contact us again. No refund will be made for bookings ...

  5. Keratoconus FAQs

    ... very slow and any deterioration can be corrected by contact lenses in future. Is treatment or follow up available ...

  6. GP news

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    Glaucoma Service Prescribing Guidelines for Open Angle Glaucoma V3.0.pdf

  7. July 2020

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    200723 Part I papers.pdf

  8. Useful general information

    ... visual acuity (patients' vision wearing glasses or contact lenses) It is good practice to check visual acuity ...

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    Cross section of the of the human eye.pdf.pdf

  9. Commercial divisions

    ... in the UK, which includes the latest laser and implantable contact lens treatments for vision correction and consultants ...

  10. Hypermetropia

    ... when people cannot see clearly close up without glasses or contact lenses. Hypermetropia ...