Participating in Research

At Moorfields we conduct clinical studies (including trials) with the aim of improving diagnosis and treatments for patients with eye conditions.

Participating in Research

Can you take part in a clinical study?

As each clinical study has specific criteria for participation, Moorfields’ medical records are reviewed to find people who may meet those criteria so that we can contact them to find out if they would like to take part.

If you are happy for your Moorfields health record to be reviewed now and in the future to find out if you match criteria or a clinical study you do not need to do anything. We will contact you if there is a study that might be suitable so that we can discuss the details and see if you would like to participate. You can make your decision about participating at that point.

You are never under any obligation to take part in a clinical study and you do not have to give us a reason if you do not want to take part.

If you do not want your Moorfields health record to be reviewed for the purposes of possible participation in a clinical research study, you can let us know by calling 020 7253 3411. You can do this now or at any time in the future.

Further details can be found in our 'related documents' section. 

For more information about clinical trials outside Moorfields and for other health related conditions visit

How can patients opt out of researchers at Moorfields having access to their Moorfields health record in the future, even in anonymised form?

You can opt out by contacting the trust’s data protection officer on 020 7253 3411 or emailing You will need your NHS number when you contact us to advise that you want to opt out of your Moorfields health record being used as part of research projects even in an anonymised form. Your NHS number can be found at the top of your appointment letter.


Last updated: 5th February 2020