Next phase of Moorfields work with Google Health

 In 2016, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust entered into an exciting research partnership with the British technology company Deep Mind to investigate whether artificial intelligence (AI) could help meet a growing clinical need to better analyse eye scans. 

In 2018, it was announced that DeepMind’s team working on health would transition to Google Health. Following months of careful consideration, we have now transferred our agreements from DeepMind Technologies to Google Health. This updated partnership will allow us to draw on Google’s resources and expertise to extend the benefits of innovations that AI offers to more of our clinicians and patients.

Pearse Keane, consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, said:

“In 2016, we started a collaboration between Moorfields Eye Hospital and DeepMind, leading to ground-breaking artificial intelligence research published last year in Nature Medicine. Now we’re tremendously excited to work with Google Health on the next phase to further develop this AI system so it can be used by patients all around the world. I believe that this technology has the potential to help save the sight of millions of people and I’m proud that Moorfields, the NHS, and the UK as a whole, can play a central role.”

For more information, see Google's blog.

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