News articles

Pioneering Moorfields research finds more successful and cost-effective laser-based treatment in fight against glaucoma

Successful trials of laser-based treatment at Moorfields in fight against glaucoma

Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre reaches twelfth anniversary in providing paediatric care

World’s largest children’s eye centre has provided paediatric services at Moorfields Eye Hospital since 2007

Moorfields and Friends of Moorfields join national programme to maximise the positive impact of volunteers

Friends of Moorfields secure £75,000 grant to expand its volunteer programme

Relocation of Moorfields Community Eye Clinic at Teddington Memorial Hospital

After a review of services, we have decided to relocate the Teddington service.

AECOM selected to design new, integrated facility for Moorfields Eye Hospital

Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL and Moorfields Eye Charity announce the winning team to design our new centre for eye care.

Moorfields Eye Hospital secures multimillion pound government investment for new hospital project

Moorfields Eye Hospital announces that it has secured nearly £20 million of government funding to support Oriel

Oriel design exhibition for staff and patients

The preliminary designs for our proposed new eye care, research and education facility will be on display.