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Dramatic drop in eye – tissue donations sparks Moorfields Campaign

Moorfields is mounting a major drive to increase the numbers of people prepared to become eye donors after their death

Doctor on a mission to reinvent eye examination wins prestigious award

Moorfields doctor Pearse Keane is the first ophthalmologist in the UK to win prestigious NIHR Clinician Scientist award.

Research trial will use femtosecond laser surgery for NHS cataract patients

Research trial to assess benefits of the latest high-precision laser technology in routine NHS cataract operations is underway at Moorfields.

Moorfields genetics specialists help identify new gene causing achromatopsia

An international team of geneticist including Professors Michel Michaelides and Andrew Webster have discovered a new gene that underlies a rare inherited eye disorder causing childhood-onset blindness.

Moorfields’ chief executive to step down

Moorfields' chief executive John Pelly announces retirement, and will step down at the end of November 2015.

Moorfields research scientists to collaborate on China LiGHT study

A team of scientists at Moorfields are to advise and guide the development of a major glaucoma trial in China.

Industrial action suspended

Planned industrial action on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 May has now been suspended.

Acanthamoeba keratitis cases

The media have focused on acanthamoeba keratitis this week. At Moorfields we have seen an increase in these cases.