What drugs and equipment should I keep at the surgery to treat eye patients?

  • Vision testing chart
  • Good light source with magnifier (and, ideally, blue light source)
  • Proxymetacaine 0.5% with fluorescein 0.25% drops or fluoret strips and saline drops
  • Chloramphenicol ointment 1%
  • Cotton buds
  • Eye pads
  • Tape
  • Direct ophthalmoscope
  • Patient information leaflets

Are there any standard checks or questions when treating eye patients?

  • Record best corrected visual acuity: It is good practice to check visual acuity for most patients who present with an eye condition.  You should record their best corrected visual acuity – that is, their vision wearing glasses or contact lenses.  Significant reduction in a patient’s visual acuity is a good indicator for referral.
  • Review patient history, noting allergies, medical and ocular history.
  • Always establish and record symptoms and their onset.
  • Refer red eye with vision loss or other signs of concern to an ophthalmologist for evaluation.

When should I refer to the ophthalmic department?

Please refer to the chart posted to the right of this page.