The Moorfields Way

At Moorfields, we are passionate about providing all our patients with safe, world-leading care and treatment.

To ensure we continue to deliver the high quality, patient-centred service for which we are recognised, the trust launched The Moorfields Way campaign in mid-2014 to capture the pride, enthusiasm and dedication we have for our work so we can be at our best more consistently in the future.

With a clear goal of improving patient experience, and the working environment for our staff, The Moorfields Way engaged over 1,500 patients, carers and staff to understand what it is like to work and receive treatment at our trust, and what we can do to improve.

While the majority of feedback we received was incredibly positive, the appreciative inquiry campaign raised a number of areas that we can target to practically enhance the care we provide to our patients while continuing to improve the working environment for our staff.

Part of our goal was to help patients, carers and staff create a common language we can use to appreciate the positive behaviours of our colleagues and constructively discuss attitudes that are inappropriate. The language is captured in The Moorfields Way commitments:

The Moorfields Way… 

Caring – so everyone feels listened to and valued.

Organised – so we don’t waste anyone’s time.

Excellent – so we always deliver a first-class, professional service.

Inclusive – so everyone feels informed, involved and part of a team.

If you have any questions about The Moorfields Way campaign, you can email:

Last updated: 10th October 2018