The Moorfields Friends and Family Test (FFT)

The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) was introduced as a national measure of patient satisfaction in April 2015 for all providers of NHS care in England. It allows you to see what other patients think of the care they receive when visiting Moorfields and other hospitals and it allows us to understand how we can improve the quality of the services we provide based on what you are telling us.

The current national requirement is that all adult patients who are seen in Accident and Emergency, day care and in-patients or outpatient settings are asked to complete the test. At Moorfields, we run the test at 51 locations including wards or departments across the trust, and last year around 90,000 of our patients commented on their care using the FFT.

What is the Friends and Family test?

The test has the dual purpose of allowing us a measure of performance, for example we can see if all of our sites are giving the same experience, and the opportunity to comment on the care they received and make suggestions on how this might be improved. We encourage patients to comment and try to capture the thoughts of at least 15% of the patients seen.

How does it work?

When you are seen in clinic, A&E or undergo surgery, you should be handed a card which asks:

"How likely are you to recommend our service to your friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"

You are then asked to select from six possible responses:

  1. Extremely likely
  2. Likely
  3. Neither likely nor unlikely
  4. Unlikely
  5. Extremely unlikely
  6. Don’t Know

The majority of our patients complete the test by filling in a card, but there is also an online version. Complete the online version of the Friends and Family Test. 

Fill in the online version of Friends and Family Test 

Complete the online version of the Friends and Family Test by clicking here

How is it scored?

The score is a simple comparison of the percentage of those completing the test who would recommend the trust (i.e. extremely likely and likely) against the percentage of those who would not (i.e. unlikely or extremely unlikely). There is no nationally set score FFT score required, however Moorfields has set its own benchmark of 90% of patients recommending the trust.

View the Moorfields Friends and Family Test:

The scores are now published by NHS England and for a summary please go to the NHS England website.

Last updated: 27th March 2019