Clinical directorates

Patient services at Moorfields are sub-divided into four clinical directorates, each of which is led by one or more clinical directors to ensure that senior clinicians have greater authority and more responsibility to make decisions about the management of patient care.

Each directorate is supported by a general manager and a nurse manager, as well as by dedicated staff from our human resources and finance departments. 

We also have a clinical director for quality and safety, Niaz Islam, who works across the entire trust. 

Outpatient and diagnostic services

Clinical director: Dilani Silwardena
Interim general manager: Maggie Middleton
Nurse manager: Jenny Martin

The outpatient and diagnostic services directorate comprises all outpatient services at City Road, clinical support services, our specialist A&E department, the clinical sub-specialties focused on paediatric and emergency care and chronic disease management, and a new general ophthalmology service.  The directorate is also responsible for our joint working arrangements with Barts Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

Surgical services

Clinical director: Martin Watson
General manager: Maggie Middleton
Nurse manager: Joyce Morrin

The surgical services directorate comprises all elements of the surgical pathway at City Road, as well as the theatre and recovery staffing and facilities at the majority of our satellites.  It also includes the medical secretariat and the records library, and the clinical sub-specialties focused principally on the surgical pathway.  

Moorfields South

Clinical directors: Winifred Nolan and Louisa Wickham, and Chris Canning (Croydon)
General manager: Freya Haroldsson and Naomi Sheeter (Croydon)
Nurse manager: Mary Hardy

Moorfields South centres on our eye centre at St George’s hospital in Tooting and encompasses responsibility for the management of all our other satellite locations in south-west London.

Moorfields North

Clinical directors: David Bessant (Northwick Park), Aires Lobo (Bedford), Robin Hamilton (Ealing) and Jonathan Clarke (Moorfields East)
General manager: Patricia Murphy
Nurse manager: Anita Aubrey

Moorfields North covers our three eye centres to the north of the river (Bedford, Ealing and Northwick Park hospitals) and the satellite locations that support them, along with the smaller satellite sites that make up Moorfields East (Barking, Harlow, Homerton, Mile End and St Ann’s).