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Moorfields' director of R&D receives inspirational honorary award from Anglia Ruskin University

Professor Sir Peng Tee Khaw awarded honorary doctor of science for outstanding achievements and inspirational qualities.

Moorfields Dubai to host World Association of Eye Hospitals meeting

Moorfields Eye Hospital will be attending a meeting on World Sight Day, Thursday 9 October 2014 at Moorfields Dubai.

Services expected to run as normal on Monday 13 October

No impact anticipated on Moorfields services as a result of the public sector strike action taking place on Monday.

Moorfields marks World Sight Day 2014

Series of events planned for Thursday 9 October to celebrate World Sight Day.

Dr Catey Bunce speaks to BBC Radio 4 In Touch

Our colleague Dr Catey Bunce was invited on the Radio 4 InTouch programme to help interpret the statistics from a new National Health Care Information Service report on blind registration on 9 Sep

Eye bank at Moorfields to feature on BBC1's Inside Out

The work of Moorfields' eye bank is due to feature on BBC1's Inside Out on Monday 22 September at 7.30pm.

Children’s Eye Centre opens its doors for Open House London 2014

Moorfields' award-winning children’s eye centre is opening its doors for Open House London this Sunday 21 September.

New breakthroughs in understanding the genetic basis of glaucoma

A research project led jointly by a Moorfields consultant has identified new genetic variants linked to the risk of glaucoma.